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COMPUTER SAAVY MEETS STREET SMARTS. It's like jet fuel for commerce. G-force Virtual Software allows our customers 24 hour access to invoicing, bills of lading, sales history, order tracking and proof of delivery: Helping our customers to service their customers better. And anyone, anywhere can scan the bar code on our packages with a hand held device to identify the vessel name, FAO location of catch and chain of custody of the Platinum Chilean sea bass the package contains. Gforce is a web driven information transfer platform allowing boat owners to upload documents and images of product as well as proof of loading of containers and seal numbers. One of the many benefits of Gforce is the ability to automatically email documents to as many as 7 recipients involved in the order process. DED and DCD as well as 10+2 requirements are time sensitive. The Gforce platform has proven to be beneficial to boat owners, customers and all other parties involved in the sales and purchasing process.


Boat Owners

10 Brown and Howard Wharf, Suite 1, Newport, RI 02840 • TEL: 401.886.1151 • FAX: 401.886.4226 •